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Mar 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
connects san francisco and oakland, has always been considered kind of a drab, industrial-looking cousin to the golden gate. well, tonight, it takes on a new personality, thanks to a kind of l.e.d. artwork project. we got to see a test of it. that will bathe the bridge in light starting now and for the next two years. absolutely beautiful. >>> and jon stewart is stepping away from the "daily show," not forever, but four months while he goes overseas to direct a film, called "rosewater," based on a screenplay he wrote. john oliver will cover while stewart is gone, provided viewers can understand his thick british accent. this proves once and for all what jon really wanted to do was direct. >>> up next here tonight, a wounded warrior, battling back, setting his sights on the big leagues. >>> as baseball fans know, spring training is under way with a lot of hopes and dreams and contracts on the line. this spring, one of the players on one of the fields stands out because of his injuries, also because of the purple heart he keeps at home. he fought for his country. now he is trying ou
Mar 14, 2013 5:30pm PDT
oakland's creative growth, a nonprofit art center for the disabled -- a free program for people with all levels of talent given a chance to express themselves in a world where that isn't always easy. >> they have been seen as being outside of society. so if you bring them into a context and say, tell me your life, tell me your story and they do it through art it's amazing what opens up. >> these are my paintings. >> reporter: william scott's work is also in the collections of top museums. >> i taught myself how to paint. i taught myself. >> he has a beautiful soul. he wants to change the world. >> reporter: in many ways his art has changed his reality. a man with autism who, doctors said, had little chance to ever make a living. how much would this sell for? >> this would be probably a $4,000 painting. >> reporter: artists here are offered half the sale price. the rest goes back into the brushes, fabric and paint they use. but many like dan and kara miller choose to have all proceeds go to creative growth. >> this is a godsend. this place is, i think, very important to him and his ha
Mar 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
oakland international 115. mineta san jose international, just this january they began using live a mission to shoot birds, the faa officially recorded 114 collisions between birds and planes, dune from the previous two years. during the first half of the program, wildlife officers killed a dozen birds at sjc. at oakland international, where they have been shooting birds a decade, they report shooting less than 100 a month, or about 1200 bared year. -- 1200 birds a year. >> i think there are other ways to keep birds out of the intake of jet airplanes. >> reporter: the n her general had questions of its own about this wildlife mitigation program, this report last august, the faa does not oversee wildlife adequately, does not conduct robust inspections of the program at airports and does not ensure that airports fully adhere to program requirements. for its part, the faa says it has adopted the majority of the ig's recommendations i and will continue to make improvements in the wildlife program. >> we really start by eliminating the reasons why wildlife would want to be at the airport
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3